Lock will get the first shot, and I think he will play well this season. It's all about the quarterback position. It's Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill fighting for the job. The Saints fans better hope it's Winston who wins it. They did a lot of good things to improve the offense around Justin Herbert, especially up front on the offensive line. There will be at least three new starters, which had to happen. Ben Roethlisberger is back, but the offensive line has questions and the defense has some too (such as edge rush opposite T.J. Watt). I think they are the third team in the AFC North right now. Every year we pick them in this area, then they somehow find their way into the playoffs. They will again be a tough, feisty team. Have they done enough to improve the defense? They opted to keep Matt Ryan and try to win now, rather than building for the future. Adding tight end Kyle Pitts will make Ryan a happy man. The offense should be dynamic. They traded up to land Justin Fields in the draft, which was a smart move, but the timetable for his play is the thing to watch here. Will it be Fields or Andy Dalton to open the season? They are coming off a nice draft and a good offseason, which puts the focus clearly on Daniel Jones. He has to take big steps forward for the Giants to win the division.


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The lawsuit asks the court to order the company to pay $166,502 in lease payments and other costs. The founder and CEO of NeuroSport is Fred Willis, who played football at Boston College and in the NFL for the Cincinnati Bengals and Houston Oilers in the 1970s. His company offers concussion tests and guidance for athletes returning to play after a concussion, according to its website. Willis, who lives in Salem, said in an interview that he was unaware of the lawsuit. He said the company stopped doing business at Essex Sports Center because its owner, Brian DeVellis, was difficult to work with. And he said NeuroSport, which had locations in Canton, Norwell and Tewksbury, has since shut down due to the pandemic. "We're out of business," Willis said. "Tell him, 'Good luck.'" DeVellis said in an email that NeuroSport began seeing patients at the sports center in late 2019 but ceased operations with no notice or explanation. All of that happened "well before COVID," he said. With the lawsuit, DeVellis said Essex Sports "seeks to be made whole under the lease and its personal guarantees." According to the lawsuit, NeuroSport signed a five-year lease in August 2019 for commercial space inside the Essex Sports Center. The indoor facility has two ice rinks and a field house and leases space for other businesses, including a strength training center, a sports rehabilitation business, and a concession stand. The lawsuit said that NeuroSport took control of its site at Essex Sports Center shortly after signing the lease but never built out the space in order to operate the business as required by the lease. Essex Sports Center sent notices of default to NeuroSport in January and February of 2020. The company responded by paying rent for those two months but then stopped paying, the lawsuit said. The sports center had filed an earlier lawsuit against the company in Salem District Court, and a judge ordered NeuroSport to pay $23,242 in rent, but the company refused to pay, according to the complaint in Superior Court. The new lawsuit is also seeking $143,260 that it says is due on the remainder of the lease. Essex Sports Center opened amid controversy in 2017 after the state Legislature passed a law that allowed the facility to be built without a public bidding process. The center is privately run but is located on public land in Middleton on the grounds of Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School. The state Legislature has since passed a budget amendment filed by Sens. Bruce Tarr and Joan Lovely that would require any future lease or other agreements with Essex Sports to follow state procurement laws under the oversight of the Inspector General's office. A bill to require a state audit of the sports center's finances is still being studied, according to Lovely.


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